Creating Families through Assisted Reproductive Technologies and the support of Angels.

Fertility Alternatives, Inc. is a boutique full service Egg Donation and Surrogacy agency 

helping Egg Donors, Gestational Carriers

(a.k.a. surrogate mothers) and Intended Parents find each other for over 23 years. We are one of the oldest and most experienced agencies in this field.


My goal is to provide you with the very best options and services relating to Egg Donation and Gestational Surrogacy.

Service standards are high, holding 

high regard for honesty, integrity, communication and personal support for all Parties involved.

We work closely with exceptional medical and legal professionals to make sure every step is managed efficiently.

Fertility Alternatives works with Surrogacy and Egg Donor applicants all over the United States, and greatly encourage first-timers to apply.

Click the appropriate links above, for more information about the surrogacy and egg donation programs for your situation.


Best of luck on your journey.

Dawn T. Hunt

President and Facilitator

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